Portfolio and Interview "Alexander Veledzimovich. Portraits". Shots № 126, winter 2014, USA

"I'm most inspired by the understanding that photography is another universe and one that becomes bigger and bigger every day. We can discover, create, destroy, and use photography as a way to think about this world. You can create new rules!" Alex Veledzimovich

Project "Kunstcammera", "Kate's world" and some portraits in European Prospects

Project "Kate's world" in a book about Contemporary Photography from Belarus - "BY NOW"

Interview by Olga Bubich about project "I wanna be a contemporary artist/actor" in PHOTOGRAPHER.RU
Essay "Alex Veledzimovich: The Kids are all right" by Tim White. Black&White Magazine, October 2013, USA

"Alexander Veledzimovich’s art allows us to imagine a day when such differences as those between mind and heart, and those between the real and imagined, become increasingly irrelevant." Tim White.

"In other works Alex employs mirrors in a manner much like Velázquez did in “Las Meninas,” placing the artist making the image within the image itself. A narcissistic trait perhaps, but another indication that what you are seeing is not truth per se, but a con- struction, and an exchange. We see the artist seeing us while seeing his subject—he looks out to you as well as at his subject. This makes us part of his image, and somehow more culpable, more complicit in the mean- ings we glean from them." Tim White.

Interview for the POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE

Small interview for the german on-line magazine kwerfeldein.de

"I like how I look with my Rolleiflex FX+ :-) It is camera with chrome parts and brown leather with some beautiful scratches. It is looks great with my grey shoes, green pans, cyan t-shirt with small brown pikes. Also I have old Rolleiflex 2.8c which came from the legendary time of Richard Avedon, Diana Arbus, Francheska Woodman, "Blow Up" movie and great rock bands..." Alex Veledzimovich

Set of photos "Portrait+Story" in ZNYATA.COM main Belarusian web-portal about photography